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ASIST 11 is fundamentally the same as any version of ASIST. ASIST 11 remains true to ASIST principles. If you have a need to work or consult with people who have taken ASIST 11, expect them:

  • to be open, honest and direct about suicide;
  • to exercise care in expressing their own values about suicide
  • to do whatever they can to respect a person at risk's decision-making rights
  • to appreciate the importance of letting the person at risk talk about suicide; *to appreciate that some part of a person at risk wants to live; *to value collaboration with the person at risk;*to consider things that might threaten the person at risk's safety;
  • to develop a plan that fits the immediate safety needs of the person at risk; and,
  • to make sure that the person at risk understands the plan and is committed to carrying it out.