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Basic Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Basic Nursing Wound Simulation Kit


This versatile, high-quality kit can be used to augment training. The simulated wounds and makeup will assist in simulation exercises at every level of healthcare. Kit includes:

• Blisters (LF00726U)
• Blood Blisters (LF00727U)
• Boils (LF00739U)
• Cysts: pilar and sebaceous (LF00732U)
• Ostomies: normal, double barrel, infected, prolapsed, and necrotic (LF00738U)
• Pressure ulcers, Stages 1-4 (LF00730U)
• Skin Cancer: normal, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma (LF00731U)
• Venous Stasis Ulcers (LF00792U)

Makeup and Accessories:
• Alcohol prep swabs
• Application sticks
• Blue makeup (LF00775U)
• Brushes
• Clotted red makeup (LF00777U)
• Flesh modeling wax (LF00752U)
• Foam wedges
• Gloves
• Glycerin
• Hard carry case
• Injury shades makeup (LF00760U)
• Instruction booklets
• Red rubber round
• Scissors
• Special effects makeup (LF00762U)
• Spirit gum (LF00755U)
• Spirit gum remover (LF00756U)
• Spray bottle (empty)
• Stipple sponges
• Wet Wipes
• White towel