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Serving Manitoba since 1984

Prestan AED UltraTrainer

Prestan AED UltraTrainer


The Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ offers features not found on any other universal AED trainer and is the most accurate representation of how current AEDs in the marketplace perform. 

This compact and lightweight unit will give students a realistic training experience with training pads that sense when they are placed on a manikin.  In addition, the pads are preconnected and voice prompts are clear and calm. 

Instructors can customize their training classes with options to turn on or off the compression metronome and/or the “give breaths” voice prompt. 

With a 3-year warranty and durable long-lasting pads, the AED UltraTrainer was built to last.

Prestan is the First and Only Universal AED Trainer with:

  • Dual Graphic (Adult/Child) Training Pads

  • Pad Sensing System

    • Pads are pre-connected and ready to use, unlike other AED trainers that use outdated plug-in technology

    • Pads can be used 100 times (or more!) during CPR/AED classes

    • One set of dual-graphics pads work for both adult and child training

    • Pads have an embedded ‘switch’ which senses proper pad attachment to the manikin (Pad Sensing System) (patent pending)

    • The silicone base adhesive on the pads, coupled with the foam structure, ensures easy application & removal

  • Child Training Button

    • Child AED specific voice prompts

    • Automatic or Semi-Automatic shock simulation

    • CPR Coaching, “Give Breaths” voice prompt

    • Turn on or off compression metronome

    • Turn on or off “Give Breaths” prompts

    • Low Battery warning

    • 3 Year Warranty

    • Other features:

    • Two languages (English/French)

    • 2015 Guidelines Compliant and Upgradable

    • Play/Pause Button

    • 5 Training Scenarios