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Interactive ECG Simulator

Interactive ECG Simulator


Defibrillation shock can be delivered through manikin or simulator. Practice operating your defibrillator/external pacer without a manikin. Connect defibrillator/external pacer to simulator using adapters. Built-in circuitry allows you to defibrillate and pace directly into the simulator and observe ECG rhythms through the PADS connector. Convert feature. Select another rhythm to run immediately after defib discharge. Pacing can be done on any manufacturer's defibrillator. Battery saver feature powers-off simulator automatically when not in use. Waveforms available for pacing include: Sinus Brady, Junctional Brady, Second degree type I A-V block, Second degree type II A-V block, Second degree type II A-V block with PVCs, Third degree A-V block. 17 Adult/Pediatric Rhythms. V. Fib. V. Tach (Fast). V. Tach (Slow). V. Tach (Polymorphic). A Flutter. A Fib. Sinus Tach. SVT. Asystole. Sinus with PVCs. Sinus Brady. NSR. Junctional Brady. Second degree type I A-V block. Second degree type II A-V block. Second degree type II A-V block with PVCs. Third degree A-V block. Generate realistic 3-lead or 4-lead ECG rhythms. The RA, LA, and LL signal morphologies create accurate representations of the QRS, P, and T axes. Requires one 9-volt alkaline battery. Includes Marquette, Laerdal, Medtronic Physio Adapters, and Chest Post Set.