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Adult SMART Pads Cartridge for OnSite AED

Adult SMART Pads Cartridge for OnSite AED


These Philips Adult AED pads are designed for the Philips HeartStart Onsite AED unit. The cartridge contains 2 adhesive electrode pads that are placed on the patients bare skin as illustrated on the cartridge. Pads have a two year shelf life. Installing Your Smart Pads Replacement When you receive your Philips Replacement Pads simply remove the old pads and insert the new cartridge into the cartridge well on the front side of the Onsite. The green PULL handle should be all the way down. # Remove the new pads cartridge from its package. # Locate the latch at the top edge of the OnSite, and slide it to the side. The pads cartridge will be released. Remove the old cartridge. # Install the new cartridge: slide the bottom end of the cartridge into the recess, then press in the cartridge until the latch clicks into place. Be sure the green handle is pressed down firmly. The OnSite will tell you that pads have been inserted, then it will turn off to be ready for use.