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BLS Instructor Course

The BLS Instructor Course is a two-day program comprised of two modules: the Core Training Program (Core); and the specific BLS module. The Core Program covers general information pertaining to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the adult education principles utilized within HSF courses. The Instructor-Candidate will be introduced to HSF policies, procedures and administration requirements for delivering an HSF course, including use of the Resuscitation portal as part of pre- and post-course preparation. The specific BLS module introduces the student to the educational materials and syllabus utilized in the delivery of the HSF BLS provider and renewal courses.

Mandated Student Materials: 

  • HSF BLS student manual

  • HSF BLS Instructor manual

  • HSF BLS course and renewal DVD

PRE-REQUISITES: A Current Heart & Stroke Foundation BLS card.  Prospective students must also register for this course through the Heart and Stroke Portal, complete a registration form, and pay the Heart and Stroke registration fee on the Portal.


Upon completion of the BLS Instructor Course, and prior to receiving your Instructor Status, you MUST be monitored prior to receiving your Status.  You MUST be monitored by teaching a Full BLS Course within 6 months of completing your course - NO EXCEPTIONS.

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