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Prestan Manikins

Realistic to the eye and touch, the Prestan Adult Manikin is unlike any other on the market. Available individually or in convenient multipacks of four for class training purposes, Prestan manikins are uniquely designed as a clamshell that accommodates an easy-to-insert face shield/lung bag.

Prestan's revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitors allow for instant feedback to both the instructor and, more importantly, the student, to gauge their rate of compressions on their own as well as allowing the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily.

With the patented face/head tilt, the Prestan Adult CPR Manikin simulators the way an actual victim's head would move if they required CPR. In addition, the unique construction of our manikins incorporates a mechanism to help them use the correct force to compress the chest to the correct depth.


  • Realistic looking and acting manikin creates a more acceptable training class between the instructors and students

  • Far easier and faster to set up training sites - Prestan requires the simplest technique to replace lung bags and face shields

  • Secured face shields will not allow slipping and does not need adhesives

  • Gives each student a realistic experience that provides for the best "real life" CPR outcomes

  • Allows each student to observe a true chest rise

  • Full chest rise and lung bag ensures that students receive the most accurate and realistic training

  • Helps students take CPR learning more seriously

  • Head tilt enhances the CPR learning experience and teaches students how to open the airway during CPR

  • Clicker mechanism increases student's confidence in administering adequate compressions

All Prestan manikins, with the exception of the Ultralite manikin have the option of adding a CPR monitor for quick and easy chest compression checks as well as three color options:

Light Skin, Medium Skin, and Dark Skin


While you can buy each manikin separately, Prestan also has convenient multi-packs to make your first stop the last stop and completely prepares you for your next class.